World-class high-tech cannabinoid production in Thailand

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Who We Are

Green Grow Pharmaceuticals

We are an international innovative company and pioneers in the development of advanced Industrial Agriculture Technologies for the cannabis production in the Kingdom of Thailand. Using scientific progress, we provide world-class Products Containing Cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

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Earn money with us
Legal business
Cannabis investments

Earn money with us: make from 60% to 120%

Green Grow Pharmaceuticals has developed an online platform Profit-on-Weed for the most convenient, fast and transparent interaction with investors. The integration of the latest investment tools from DeFi and Web 3.0 and high-tech manufacturing of Products Containing Cannabis allow us to offer partners earnings from 60% to 120%, with a minimum investment of $100.

Each plant grown by GGP is digitized with NFT and has a unique identification number. Investors can watch the vegetation of “their own” plants through webcams in real time. The company provides a wide range of investment instruments for deposits of different amounts and returns.

The company`s arsenal includes a number of investment products that make it possible to make deposits for different amounts and with different rates of return.

We follow the marketing trends and have launched a profitable affiliate program as part of Profit-on-Weed project. The program will allow participants to develop their own business together with the industry leader and receive additional income from investments.

Cannabis production is a highly profitable industry. The cost of each plant is about $50, and it can produce 200-800 gm. of product, depending on the strain.

The company uses modern agro-industrial technologies and obtains the highest quality cannabis. The price per gram of such a product in retail stores can reach up to $30. The company`s products contain many times more tetrahydrocannabinol and other parameters than locally grown outdoor cannabis.

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On June 9, 2022, the Kingdom of Thailand made it legal to produce, use, possess, import and export cannabis.

Green Grow Pharmaceuticals has a license, pays taxes in full and operates entirely within the law.

Cannabis partially legalized in more than 50 countries…

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More than 50 countries have legalized the use of cannabis with their amendments. Cannabis is legalized for recreational use by adults in 6 countries.

More than 236 million people worldwide use cannabis and Products Containing Cannabis every year. The global cannabis market is valued at $340 billion.

Dozens of legal cannabis companies successfully trade stocks on global stock markets.

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Green Grow Pharmaceuticals has manufacturing facilities in Bangkok. It has at its disposal a laboratory with modern equipment and a hydroponic complex with an area of 1500 m2. This allows to grow and treat several thousand highly profitable plants at the same time.

We order seeds from leading breeders and grow cannabis using Hydroponics technology. The enclosed greenhouse microclimate allows to maintain optimal temperatures at different stages of plant vegetation. Plants are illuminated for 18 hours by professional lamps with a special combination of UVA- and UVB-rays under the control of a spectrograph.

The amount of psychoactive substances in flowers and leaves is examined by microscopy and chemical analysis.

All these technologies lead to stable yields and a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol in our products.

Global Software

Green Grow Pharmaceuticals is developing in Web 3.0 and other advanced IT areas. One of our key products is Weed Finder app. It brings together suppliers, producers and consumers of cannabis and works only in those countries where the Products Containing Cannabis are legal.

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phone weed finder application
phone weed finder application

We have developed our own online platform Profit-on-Weed for transparent and convenient investment in real production. It is based on advanced DeFi blockchain technologies and provides high security for all financial transactions.

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Our mission

Improving people`s lives by making the unique natural benefits of cannabis available to everyone.

First world-class cannabis production in Asia`s leading recreational center.

Innovation-driven leadership and brand development to connect consumers and improve quality of life.


Our vision

Green Grow Pharmaceuticals supports the idea of responsible leadership in the young cannabis manufacturing.

We know there is a lot of controversy surrounding this fast growing industry. We are ready to take responsibility for creating a positive public opinion and educating consumers and regulators.

We base our practice on the following values:


We believe in building a global cannabis community of responsible and brave people.

High-quality Products

We believe in developing innovative products that meet people`s needs and exceed consumer expectations.

Honesty and Leadership

Our work is completely transparent. We are committed to responsible leadership based on high technology.

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